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The right topseal films on specified trays?
Easier said than done…….…

One of our clients mentioned that he was not satisfied with the topseal film, they used for the topsealing
of trays concerning ready-meal components.

They wanted one type of film with the following properties:

  • Perfect peelability in hot and cold conditions, without leaving any sealing residues
    (read sealing hairs) on the edges of the trays.

  • Perfect anti-condensation properties during the hot packaging of the products,
    as well as after cooled conditions in the stores.

  • Good transparency and haze and a film which would not rupture or break by peeling the film
    from the tray, in other words: strong and tough enough.

  • Good barrier properties.

  • Visual a very tight and smooth packaging.

Our customer had tried many different laminates and various film combinations but the combination
of required and desired properties was never reached.

Our solution:
After consulting one of our producers, we started with the development of a totally new so called cast film.
It was of great interest to guarantee to our customer all requested conditions at different temperatures
and circumstances.

At first we developed a film that already had a part of these required properties.
After extensive testing and lab studies, we finally could optimize this together with
the anti-condensation properties and the peelability of this film.

Finally, we added a so-called ‘’light shrink additive’’ to the film, to ensure that it could be sealed tightly
and smoothly on the trays.





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