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Opening a stand-up pouch without tearing or breaking the film??
It seems to be so easy…. but in practice it is often not working

One of our foreign relations wanted to introduce a printed stand-up pouch
in a complete new printing line.

After consumer’s research the packaging had to comply with the following requirements:

  • Sufficient barrier.

  • Sufficient rigidity of the pouch after the film was formed on a VFFS machine.

  • Very good easy peel properties.

  • No breaking or tearing of the film by opening the bag at the top.

  • Including a simple useful tape in order to reclose the packaging easily after consumption.

Of course there are many films in the market with so called easy peel properties.
However, when these single films are laminated with an adhesive the laminated film often partly looses
its flexible properties. Because the adhesive between the single flexible films hardens, which is actually
the reason why the lamination structure under tension is breaking and /or tearing.

This is a well known common problem and often underestimated and unknown by users.
The explanation for this problem is logical because the two flexible substrates are laminated together
by a non flexible and strong adhesive. Consequence:….the lamination structure loses flexibility
and is breaking and /or tearing under pressure.

Our solution:
After investigation together with our producers we partly adjusted the so-called carrier film
to a special nylon based one,
afterwards we also made an adjustment on the adhesive receipt, of course
in consultation with our producer of the adhesive.
Furthermore we made some adjustments on the lamination machine, so that the 2 adhesive components
were brought on the carrier film in a different and special way.

Ultimately, with these adjustments we succeeded in producing a laminate, with easy peel properties,
which is capable to maintain its flexibility under pressure, completely according the wishes
of the customer requirements.





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