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A total packaging concept for a new 'healthy' dog cookie..........

One of our customers has developed a new product line for 'low calorie' dog cookies.. called Doglite.®

These special dog cookies - produced in sticks for the bigger dogs and in small convenience cookies
for the smaller dogs - are produced out of 100% red meat with a special crispy coating.
Especially the market positioning for this more exclusive product was of great importance to get
the right attention in the marketplace.

Together with the customer we have developed a high value printed, recognizable and user friendly
that meets the market positioning but also shows the quality and convenience of
this new product line.

Besides the film packaging of this product we also have given our input in the right shop presentation.
For a self-service PET STORE.... design, convenience and direct buyers attention are important key factors
to make this product a successful one..
The product line includes in total 5 different flavours; segmented for the bigger, medium size and
smaller dogs.

Enclosed the total presentation of the new Doglite® series.





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